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teaching philosophy

I'm committed to helping you develop your musical potential to the fullest. Your desires and goals are what matter. Not the level you bring.


A thorough training in listening, especially in self-observation and self-listening, is of paramount importance. Recognizing, naming and analyzing through listening in general and specifically in relation to what is desired is the key to finding appropriate and constructive solutions creatively and systematically. This leads to self-efficacy - the basis for sustained motivation. I will provide you with the musical, instrumental, and methodological skills you need. You will come more and more into contact with the wonderful world of sound and with yourself. You will gain more and more technical and artistic self-confidence and be able to express yourself more and more musically on the clarinet.

Developing one's musical imagination and harmonizing it with the instrumental possibilities requires a structured approach. Then, in the best case, what is known as "flow" can develop: the total absorption - in our case - in making music on the clarinet. It is particularly important that you learn to make the most effective use of your time in lessons and, above all, in playing and practising. This is essential if you are to remain motivated and if your enjoyment of the instrument is to grow with your skills.

The selection of performance pieces, etudes, scale studies and basic exercises is made according to transparent criteria. They are coordinated to make sense. I make use of graded examination systems such as the TRINITY and ABRSM systems. Other internationally recognised and proven methods are employed as well. Your musical progress will be comprehensible, clearly structured, directly experienced and therefore particularly satisfying.


High quality clarinet teaching, regardless of age, is at the heart of my work. On the one hand, this includes the professional support of young talents, i.e. the promotion of gifted students, the preparation for music studies with the clarinet as a main subject, and the comprehensive career orientation that is part of the preparation for studies - including special mental coaching. The focus here is on decoupling personal identity from musical achievement and developing resilience. My work in this area also includes professional training, preparation for competitions, auditions or important concerts, recordings or other projects such as chamber music challenges or orchestral projects. On the other hand, I also offer these services to amateurs, i.e. people who see playing the clarinet as a wonderful, challenging hobby and are looking for support in pursuing their heart's desire.


With my extensive artistic, pedagogical and methodological knowledge, I will accompany you or your child in a lively and relaxed way on this sensual and enjoyable path of learning. As I am curious by nature and continue my education on a regular basis, I incorporate not only the latest artistic developments, but also the latest scientific findings, e.g. from neurobiology or psychology, into my work. Finally, I offer professional advice on the choice of the most suitable instrument, mouthpiece, reeds, ligatures, etc. for you. I can also teach you how to effectively work on and correct your reeds.

II am happy to discuss the details with you by phone, online or in person in my classroom in Berlin-Schöneberg. I look forward to hearing from you.

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