Helge Harding, looking determined
© Anna Rozkosny

Political and social engagement is a natural part of Helge Harding's life. Already at universtiy he was a student representative in various university committees of the Universities of Music in Dortmund and Frankfurt.

He was an active campaigner in the CFC group of Greenpeace in Frankfurt am Main that was part of a nationwide campaign. This campaign accelerated Germany's exit from fully halogenated fluorocarbons, which are extremely damaging to the ozone layer.

In Berlin he was a member of the the green party's (B'90/Die Grünen) task group for culture for some years - on the state as well as the national level. After leaving the party he decided to offer his expertise to professional associations. He became a member of the German Musician's Association (DTKV), the oldest and largest music association in Germany.

He initiated coordinated lawsuits against make-believe self-employment at the public music schools. Since the last legislative term, Helge Harding is a delegate of the Music School Advisory Council to the responsible adminstration of the Senate of Berlin. He was a member of the board of the DTKV-Berlin and is involved in improving professional representation in various contexts.

At the Berlin University of the Arts he was a representative of the lecturers for many years. Together with his colleagues he negotiated the first increase in compensation of lecturers in 28 years. He advocates up-to-date education and curriculums, dynamic human resources management, and a concert-business that is a vital part of the 21st century lifestyle.