Helge Harding Seminars

It is of central importance for Helge Harding to make the wonderful world of classical music accessible to as many people as possible - also beyond the concert business.

His years in the Frankfurt branch of Yehudi Menuhin's Live Music Now were formative for this attitude. The aim of this organization is to bring music to people who can not go to concerts for a variety of reasons. Helge Harding performed concerts in prisons, drug addict clinics, homeless shelters, psychiatric institutions, old people's homes and hospitals, as well as for severely disabled children and war blind people. The experiences gained there as well as the personal exchange with Yehudi Menuhin continue to have an effecct on him this day.

Since then, Helge Harding has developed his own formats for bringing music into different social contexts. In the middle of society, music can unfold its natural power and importance - up to the point of finding meaning.

Helge Harding and Yehudi Menuhin
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