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Giessener Anzeiger - 26.05.2003

[...] 'Harding who talked the audience through his performance in a fluid and stimulatingly vivid manner, proved to be a highly virtuosic magician of sound who has perfect control over all the expressive possiblities of his instrument and knows how to make use of that to the limits. He can whirl around on the clarinet, make it sound soft and singing but at the same time does not refrain from brisk and at times even flashy effects in the high register and does not seem to know any breething or fingering problems at all. His ability to adapt his natural musicianship delightfully to the requirements of the different compositions makes them sound naturally fluent in an amazing and marvellous way.' [...]

Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung - 10.05.2001

[...] ' With his vast dynamic range that reaches down to the finest pianissimo and the flexibility of his tone production encompassing from warm and soft to biting and sharp, clarinetist Helge Harding created one continuous arc of tension ... ' [...]

Frankfurter Rundschau - 09.11.1999

[...] ' In the concert hall of the conservatory, Helge Harding the brilliant clarinetist, was the sole presence on the podium. The produced sounds of his clarinet were transmitted by microphones to a distant grand piano positioned somewhere in the building echoing back through the positionaly placed speakers in the hall. ' [...]